Best-Om-Symbol-HD-WallpaperMISSION STATEMENT: Today’s Guru is the authoritative, transformative lifestyle magazine for personal transformation and self-mastery. It is the vehicle by which enlightenment of self transforms fear into power, effectuating a global impact of love and peace on the planet.


VISION STATEMENT: Featuring the most enlightened spiritual and metaphysical authorities, Today’s Guru will leave a legacy of a planet free from fear and empowered by faith. In Today’s Guru’s world, ancient wisdom evolves tomorrow’s thinking.
TECHNOLOGY: Using today’s technology, Today’s Guru has a clear window to be featured among 1800 of the leading mainstream magazines becoming one of the few spiritual periodicals offered in the Apple Newsstand library with access to over 200 million people globally.
LAUNCH: A soft launch of the digital publication is slated for the third quarter of 2017, which will be followed by a monthly print publication in the final quarter of the year.
Printed copies will be nationally distributed by subscription, and on newsstands throughout the US. The digital editions will host a combination of free teaser articles designed to engage new visitors while giving them the option to subscribe to this site for full access to articles, videos, and interactive online mediums.
Monthly online subscribers will also have the option to share their voice in the “Guru’s Global Community” of like-minded individuals using the free mobile app, which provides users with quick and immediate access to motivational, inspirational, and insightful information on their smartphones, and iPads.
TRANSFORMATIVE MOVEMENT: Today’s Guru Magazine serves as the inspirational voice of a two site Transformative Movement under visionary Founder and Editorial Director Dr. Diva Verdun.
The sister site, The Transformational Guru“, will host the educational arm providing new thought-ageless wisdom teachings, online courses, webinars, and training modules by various practitioners, coaches, healers, and speakers from around the globe.