Best-Om-Symbol-HD-Wallpaper“Today’s Guru”  is an online Spiritual Transformational Magazine for the consciously evolving global collective of light seekers, which focuses on the empowerment and growth of the full individual, from spiritual awareness to self-mastery. Through the sites mobile application users will be able to gain quick and immediate access while on the go to motivational, inspirational, insightful, and educational information on their smartphone, or iPads. Each user may elect to be a monthly magazine subscriber, or may choose to also join and participate in the “Empowered Guru Global Community” of like-minded individuals and/or the “Transformational Guru Academy & Educational Series”, which will host weekly streaming messages, webinars, online classes and training modules.


The magazine is a Power-centric Online Ministry of Enlightened Spiritual Authorities, Ministers, Mentors, Coaches and Healers that will make up the healing, educational and ecclesiastic foundation of Today’s Guru International Ministries & Spiritual Network.