Best-Om-Symbol-HD-Wallpaper“Today’s Guru”  is a Spiritual Transformational Magazine inspiring the consciously evolving global collective of light seekers through the foundation of Universal Principles. It is a Power-centric publication that will feature today’s most enlightened spiritual and metaphysical authorities focusing on the empowerment and growth of the full individual, from spiritual awareness and self-mastery to health, fitness and finances.


Using today’s technology Today’s Guru has a clear window to be featured among 1800 of the leading mainstream magazines becoming one of the few spiritual periodicals offered in the Apple Newsstand library with access to over 200 million people globally.


The inaugural launch of the monthly publication is set for July 2017 in both a print and online format. Printed copies will be nationally distributed by subscription, and through various holistic vendors, spiritual/metaphysical bookstores, organic and whole food markets, etc… The online version will host a combination of free articles to engage new visitors, giving them the option to subscribe to the site for full access to articles from featured thought leaders.


Monthly online subscribers will also have the option to share their voice in the “Guru’s Global Community” of like-minded individuals, and the free mobile app gives them quick and immediate access to motivational, inspirational, and insightful information on their smartphone, computers, or iPads.


Today’s Guru Magazine serves as the inspirational voice of a two site Spiritual Movement under visionary Founder and Editorial Director Dr. Diva Verdun. The sister site, “The Transformational Guru”, will host the educational arm providing new thought-ageless wisdom teachings, online courses, webinars, and training modules by various practitioners, coaches, healers, and speakers, etc…